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Hold On to That Feeling, 2013, Video Excerpt

Two-screen HD video installation. Full length: 3:06 min, looped.
Video is 1080p HD. If pixelated, watch here on Vimeo.

Hold On to That Feeling is a two channel video installation that sees the artists attempt to extend ‘a moment in time’ and resist ephemerality, both individually and collectively. Despite occupying two separate screens, presented side by side, Nicole and Sarah undertake their actions in unison: they walk forward across a sports field at twilight, throw their right fists emphatically in the air, only to halt and physically ‘pause’ themselves in place. The artists attempt to harness the power associated with the raised fist, a symbol that commonly represents solidarity, strength, and defiance, in order to create a space, which resists the passage of time. edit 4 low quality for web.jpg
......Installed at Feeling It Out, 2014

......Download the accompanying 'Feeling It Out' PDF Essay