to heart in the dark 048A4702.jpg
In the Dark, live performance at Heart to Heart, 2014

Exhibition text:
Surrendering to fate and destiny, the artists enter the unknowable darkness of how things connect and where the future leads for their live performance work In the Dark (2014). After being separated, blindfolded, and ear plugged, Clark Beaumont attempt to find one another in the gallery space. Whilst two people finding one another might be the ultimate romantic cliché, the artists’ individual journeys during the performance ultimately speak of self-discovery. By disabling their senses and relying only on their individual instincts, the work oscillates amidst the intimacy of opposites: the external and internal, restriction and freedom, being lost and located, out of control and empowered. to heart in the dark.jpg to heart in the dark ros ox.jpg to heart in the dark 048A4734.jpg